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Gobbler Country's NIT Picks

These are sure to be just as horrible as my NCAA picks, which I'll post tomorrow. I don't see the Hokies getting past UConn because it's the more talented team. While the Huskies certainly don't look like a team that cares to be playing basketball right now, they are the more talented team and have more size down low.

That size is what is making me pick the Huskies. If you look at Virginia Tech's two previous NIT losses, they came to teams which were able to control the paint and get points inside. Will the Huskies actually show up unlike they have in their previous games? Who knows. They may come out and lay an egg against Northeastern and then the whole point will be moot.

The rest of my picks are after the jump.

First Round

Illinois over Stony Brook
Tulsa over Kent State
Dayton over Illinois State
Cincinnati over Weber State

Arizona State over Jacksonville
Texas Tech over Seton Hall
Memphis over St. John's
Ole Miss over Troy

Virginia Tech over Quinnipiac
UConn over Northeastern
Nevada over Wichita State
Northwestern over Rhode Island

Mississippi State over Jackson State
North Carolina over William & Mary
NC State over South Florida
UAB over Coastal Carolina

Second Round

Illinois over Tulsa
Cincinnati over Dayton

Arizona State over Texas Tech
Memphis over Ole Miss

UConn over Virginia Tech
Nevada over Northwestern

Mississippi State over North Carolina
UAB over NC State


Illinois over Cincinnati
Memphis over Arizona State
UConn over Nevada
Mississippi State over UAB


Illinois over Memphis
Mississippi State over UConn


Mississippi State over Illinois