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Gobbler Country's NCAA Picks

I hate my bracket. It's not nearly as far-fetched as last year when I had Arizona State and Florida State in the Final Four (that turned out well), but it still scares me for a few reasons. First, I let bias get in the way. I like Syracuse hoops and hate Duke, so I picked that way. Second, I have Kansas winning it all despite Kansas inability to win NCAA Tournament games in Oklahoma City, where the Jayhawks will open this year's tournament. Finally, it pained me to no end, but I have West Virginia in the championship game. Can you imagine how much that would hurt as a Hokie fan to have to watch my team play in the NIT while the Couch Burners play for the national championship? That would be a nightmare. All of my picks are after the jump.

Midwest Region

First Round
Kansas over Lehigh
UNLV over Northern Iowa
Michigan State over New Mexico State
Maryland over Houston
Tennessee over San Diego State
Georgetown over Ohio
Georgia Tech over Oklahoma State (Anderson still scores 40)
Ohio State over UCSB

Kansas over UNLV (Rebels could win, but might not be there)
Maryland over Michigan State
Georgetown over Tennessee
Ohio State over Georgia Tech

Kansas over Maryland
Ohio State over Georgetown
Kansas over Ohio State

West Region

First Round
Syracuse over Vermont
Florida State over Gonzaga
UTEP over Butler
Vanderbilt over Murray State (When everyone's picking an upset, go the other way)
Xavier over Minnesota
Pittsburgh over Oakland
Florida over BYU (Western team playing in the AM)
Kansas State over North Texas

Second Round
Syracuse over Florida State
UTEP over Vanderbilt (In case the Dores aren't there)
Pittsburgh over Xavier
Kansas State over Florida (Frank Martin could easily choke this away)

Syracuse over UTEP
Pittsburgh over Kansas State (Frank Martin in a big game)
Syracuse over Pittsburgh

East Region

First Round
Kentucky over ETSU (I'd be tempted to take the Bucs against Duke)
Texas over Wake Forest (Only team in the field Texas can beat first round)
Temple over Cornell
Wisconsin over Wofford
Washington over Marquette (Warriors got sent West again)
New Mexico over Montana (Very tempted to take the Griz)
Mizzou over Clemson
West Virginia over Morgan State

Second Round
Kentucky over Texas
Temple over Wisconsin
Washington over New Mexico
West Virginia over Mizzou

Kentucky over Temple
West Virginia over Washington
West Virginia over Kentucky

South Region

First Round
Duke over UA-Pine Bluff
Cal over Louisville
Texas A&M over Utah State
Siena over Purdue
Notre Dame over Old Dominion
Baylor over Sam Houston State
Saint Mary's over Richmond
Villanova over Robert Morris

Second Round
Duke over Cal
Texas A&M over Siena
Baylor over Notre Dame
Villanova over Saint Mary's

Texas A&M over Duke (Another Sweet 16 exit for Duke)
Baylor over Villanova
Baylor over Texas A&M (There's no way this happens)

Final Four

Kansas over Syracuse
West Virginia over Baylor


Kansas over West Virginia