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Your Guide to Virginia Tech's Off-Season

Virginia Tech's basketball team saw its season end last night in the NIT. And while I support all of the Hokies' fine athletic teams, it also meant the end to regular game coverage for the 2009-10 sports season on this here blog. Sure there might be the occasional post on softball or baseball here and there, but let's be serious. The end of basketball season means it's officially football season for Virginia Tech.

But have no fear. While this blog may be in offseason mode, that doesn't mean the posts are going to stop. No, far from it. There's still plenty to see and do around here from now until Sept. 6.

Virginia Tech Football

  • Spring Practice: Spring ball starts March 31 with the spring game on April 24. You'll find plenty of coverage and hopefully some practice reports as we get an early look at who's going to take over key spots on defense and how the carries might be distributed among the running backs. We'll also see what Our Soon to be Vanquished Foes are doing this spring.
  • NFL Draft: The draft will be held April 22-24 and you'll find scouting reports and analysis of all the Hokies who are heading for the league.
  • Preview Magazines: In late June and early July, the football annuals will start hitting the stands. We'll find out what the experts have to say about the Hokies and the ACC.
  • Fall Practice: The season really starts in August when players report back to Blacksburg to prepare for the season. Find out who's going to play where, who's injured and who might surprise us in 2010.
  • Season Predictions: My view of the Hokies and the ACC will begin to be posted in August. Last year I said the Hokies would go 10-2 with losses to Alabama and Georgia Tech. And I would have gotten away with it, too if it weren't for you meddling Tar Heels.

Virginia Tech Athletics

  • Baseball and Softball: These teams aren't looking too hot, but I'm sure something about the ACC tournaments will be discussed here. If they qualify, baseball's ACC tournament will be May 26-30 and softball's will be May 14-16 in Blacksburg.
  • Men's Tennis and Golf: These guys ain't so stinkin' bad. Men's tennis will participate in the ACC tournament April 22-25 and hopes to make the NCAAs beginning May 14. The Golf team will look forward to the ACC tournament April 23-25 and the NCAAs starting May 20.


When the doldrums hit in July, things could get goofy around here and at some point I'm going to take a vacation. You could see any of the following this summer:

  • Hockey rants
  • Guest Posts
  • FanPost Contests
  • In-depth articles on club sports
  • Dick jokes

Other Teams

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