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Hokies Should Steal a Page from UVa's Playbook

Yes, I realize I'm way late on this. Deal with it.

It's not too often that I read something about UVa that elicits a reaction other than a wanking motion and look of disdain. But when I read this from Annette, it certainly raised my eyebrows. The Hoos are changing the playing field in the battle for 757 recruits by, well, changing their playing field. They'll hold a scrimmage at Old Dominion's Foreman Field in Norfolk, hold a meet and greet and put on a coaching clinic.

The Hoos have a young, energetic coach in Mike London and CGB has said that the Hokies won't have as many scholarships to offer this upcoming recruiting season because of the success they've had with recent classes. If London plays his cards right, he could make up a lot of the ground UVa has to the Hokies in recruiting the Commonwealth's finest.

I think taking Tech's show on the road in the spring is something the coaching staff should look into. It's one thing to go on the road and shake hands with boosters at Hokie Club functions, but it's another to bring the whole team to the Eastern part of the state and connect with fans and future recruits who can't make it out to Blacksburg. London has the right idea. Why wait for recruits to come to you when you can go to them?

London has the potential to build a good program at UVa. As a Hokie fan, I think there's no chance in hell the Hoos will ever be as good as us in football, but London will still be a thorn in our side. There's a lot of great football talent in Virginia, but I don't think there's enough to sustain two solid programs. Tech can compete for championships by getting most of the talent the state has to offer, but I don't think either school can with just half of it.