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Hokies Quarterbacks Deliver in Scrimmage

Tyrod Taylor had a solid day and Ju-Ju Clayton put himself in good position to win the No. 2 quarterback job at Saturday's scrimmage. Taylor and Clayton threw a touchdown pass each against the No. 2 defense while Clayton completed 7 of 9 passes for 95 yards.

Thanks to @vthokiefans, @RaleighHokie and @JeetsNYY2 for great updates from the scrimmage on Twitter to give us a better idea of how the scrimmage went.

According to those three, Clayton, Darren Evans, Antone Exum and Bruce Taylor looked good during the scrimmage while Logan Thomas and Blake DeChristopher struggled. Evans returned to the field in front of an audience for the first time since his ACL injury and had four carries for 27 yards.

I wondered how much David Wilson would play at running back and it turned out he got the most reps among the guys listed in Virginia Tech's release. He ran six times for 39 yards. It looks like the coaches will try to get a good look at him before they decide whether or not he should redshirt the 2010 season.

Vinston Painter's left knee cap dislocated during the game and then popped back into place. According to reports he was initially unable to put any pressure on it, but after icing it on the sideline was able to walk around gingerly. My guess is he's done for the rest of the spring. Hopefully he didn't damage any ligaments on the play.

Tech's two touchdowns came on plays where receivers were able to get behind the No. 2 secondary. Clayton threw a 20-yard TD to Xavier Boyce in the corner of the end zone and Taylor scrambled to find Danny Coale for a 35-yard touchdown.

Tech's next scrimmage is at 11 a.m. Saturday, April 17 in Lane Stadium.