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Defense Steps Up in Hokies' 2nd Spring Scrimmage

After getting torched through the air in the first scrimmage last week, the Tech defense struck back Saturday in its second scrimmage of the spring and its final one before next week's spring game. The front seven stifled the ground game and overall the defense had six sacks and three interceptions.

The Hokies were without the services of running backs Ryan Williams and David Wilson. Williams was held out of the scrimmage and Wilson was with the track team at the ACC championships. Darren Evans received most of the carries and was held to 16 yards and a touchdown on 10 carries. His touchdown came close to the goalline against the No. 1 defense.

Thanks to @RaleighHokie, @vthokiefans, @SeanBielawski and @hokie8807 for providing outstanding updates from the scrimmage on Twitter.

According to those Twitter reports, the offensive line struggled, particularly with false starts. According to @SeanBielawski, there was a four-play sequence in which the O-line went false start, false start, bad shotgun snap, sack. What wasn't reported was whether or not that was the first-team line. If it was the first team line, then the consistency issues that dogged the O-line the last two seasons are still around. However, I wouldn't be shocked if that came from the second-team since it has been decimated by injuries this spring.

It was also a bad day for the kickers and punters, who dealt with a strong wind. The scrimmage saw missed field goals, bad snaps and a blocked punt by Cris Hill that was recovered for a touchdown by Davon Morgan. Two other secondary players also had good games. Eddie Whitley had an interception and according to @vthokiefans had another impressive break-up on a Tyrod Taylor pass intended for Jarrett Boykin.

Jayron Hosley led all players with six sacks tackles. According to @RaleighHokie, it looked like he was sick of sitting out with a groin injury.

The bright spot on offense was Taylor, who was 6-for-10 for 134 yards and a touchdown. He was the lone quarterback in a yellow, no-contact jersey and completed a couple of long passes to Danny Coale. The touchdown was an 18-yard strike to Boykin against the No. 2 defense.

The Hokies begin their last week of spring practice next week, culminating with the spring game on Saturday. Was anyone else at this week's scrimmage? What did you see?