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Why Shouldn't the ACC Be Proactive with Expansion?

Reports today have the Big Televen expediting its expansion process with the possibility of it becoming as many as a 16-team conference. If that happens, there would probably be dominoes that would affect the ACC. But why wait for the B10 to complete its process before making the move?

If the B10 start to drag its feet with expansion (as it often has in the past), I think the ACC should go out a pursue possible expansion candidates while the B10 lallygags.

Would Rutgers, Pittsburgh, South Florida and West Virginia be willing to join the ACC to make it the first 16-team super conference? Who knows. I know Jim Boeheim and Jim Calhoun would probably tell us to go fuck ourselves so the Cuse and UConn are unfortunately out, but adding the four I mentioned would make the league more viable for football and get us into the New York market.

Plus it would piss off the Tobacco Road schools, which would be awesome.