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Should Seth Greenberg Hire Dino Gaudio?

Seth Greenberg's longest-tenured assistant at Virginia Tech, Ryan Odom, bolted for Charlotte last week, creating a glaring vacancy on the Hokies' staff.

Dino Gaudio was recently fired at Wake Forest as the head basketball coach, and is looking for a job.

A stop in Blacksburg might be a perfect fit.

Gaudio is best known for being an outstanding recruiter. He brought in superstars such as Jeff Teague and Al-Farouq Aminu to Wake Forest.

He's already very familiar with the ACC, and as far as I know has a fine relationship with Greenberg.

The Hokies' recruiting has really picked up the last few seasons and is getting better. Marquis Rankin committed to Tech two weeks ago. Rankin is rated as one of the best players in the nation in the class of 2011.

The announcement of that commitment was huge news to Hokie nation. Gaudio picked up prospects of that caliber with regularity in Winston-Salem.

There likely won't be a financial concern should Greenberg push to hire Gaudio.

Gaudio would surely love to stay relatively close to his last stop.

He has ties also to the Ohio region, where he grew up and also coached at Xavier under Skip Prosser in the 1990's.

Greenberg said he wants to fill the void in the next two to three weeks. He couldn't give his fan base much better news than saying he has brought on a former ACC head coach to his staff.