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What to Watch at Virginia Tech's Spring Game

The rosters for Saturday's spring game were posted on last night. The Maroon team will have the mostly the first-team defense and second-team offense while the White team will have mostly the first-team offense and second-team defense.

Tailgatingpaying an exorbitant fee to see Michael Vick and stopping to point and laugh at Kyle Tucker (for free!) would be enough for most people on a Saturday in the spring. But Virginia Tech fans get the luxury of being able to do all that and see the Hokies' spring game all in one day.

Maroon Team

  • Skill Positions: Ju-Ju Clayton and Logan Thomas will be teammates for this game. The one who performs best will likely be the No. 2 QB this fall. I don't expect Ryan Williams to see many carries because he's been absent in recent scrimmages and will be running behind a make-shift O-line.
  • Offensive Line: I'm disappointed the coaching staff split up the offensive line for the spring game. Presumptive starters Blake DeChristopher and Beau Warren will be on the White team while Nick Becton, Greg Nosal and Jaymes Brooks will be on Maroon. If all five were on the same side they'd not only be able to begin building chemistry, but we'd be better able to evaluate how the line is coming along.
  • Front Seven: Steven Friday is expected to be a starting defensive end while Jake Johnson has moved from linebacker to defensive and will be Friday's back-up on Saturday (Did you follow that? I didn't.). Johnson is the most intriguing guy because of the high expectations fans have of him. The spring game will probably tell us a lot about how much he'll be able to contribute this season. I also want to see if Jeron Gouveia-Winslow can cement his status as starting whip linebacker.
  • Secondary: Like the offensive line, the secondary has also been split up for this game. Cris Hill and Antone Exum will get to play with starters Rashad Carmichael and Davon Morgan. Hill and Exum are gifted athletes, but need to prove they can handle the mental aspect of their positions. Both are capable of closing the gap between them and the starters during the spring game.
White Team
  • Skill Positions: Tyrod Taylor has had an excellent spring and will look to have a big game paired with receivers Jarrett Boykin and Dyrell Roberts, who are both down-field threats. They'll be going against Hill and Carmichael, which will be fun to watch. We'll also get a good look at Darren Evans' surgically-repaired knee and Josh Oglesby's potential as a fullback.
  • Offensive Line: Taylor and Evans only get the benefit of two of the three starting linemen. One of the back-ups on the White team, Andrew Lanier is a capable left tackle who will probably be out to prove that his battle with Becton for the starting job isn't over yet. You may not see much on the ground from the White team since Evans is a predominantly power runner and he's paired with the two reserve offensive guards.
  • Front Seven: Chris Drager currently has one of the two started DE spots, but two younger guys on the White side will be worth watching. James Gayle has coaching beaming this spring and will see the field this fall. J.R. Collins was a highly-recruited player that most fans feel has a bright future. They'll get the chance to test themselves against Tech's starting LT Nick Becton and early enrollee Laurence Gibson.  
  • Secondary: Starters Eddie Whitley and Jayron Hosley will anchor the White team's secondary. 
Special Teams
  • Justin Myer (White) and Chris Hazley (Maroon) are battling for the starting kicking job. Myer, a junior, has more on-field experience than Hazley, a redshirt senior. Neither has kicked very well this spring so the job is wide open.