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Youth Served in Virginia Tech Spring Game

You can't tell the players without a program and you certainly needed one at Saturday's spring game. Those looking to see a lot of Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Williams and Darren Evans went home disappointed while those wanted a glimpse of the future of Hokie football got exactly what they wanted.

Williams sat out the spring game with tendonitis in his knee, Taylor played only the first half and Evans had five carries. That left plenty of reps for guys like quarterback Logan Thomas, running back Tony Gregory and safety Antone Exum to show fans what they can bring to the table when their time comes.

My thoughts on the spring game follow. I wasn't at the spring game and have only Bill and Mike's radio call and the box score to go off of.

Maroon 16, White 0

  • Logan Thomas is definitely a freshman. He looked excellent in the first half, but struggled in the second half. He was a perfect 5-for-5 on the opening touchdown drive for 38 yards. However, he completed only one of his final seven pass attempts and that was a screen. 
  • Listening to Bill and Mike it sounded like Antone Exum was in on every play from his free safety spot. He was probably the best defensive player Saturday and Mark will have much more on him later this week.
  • Running back Tony Gregory took advantage of his opportunity to play Saturday and ran well. He at least showed that the cupboard won't be completely bare should both Williams and Evans depart for the NFL after this season.
  • Steven Friday had a nice game at defensive end and registered two sacks. One was a "touch" sack of Tyrod Taylor. He later combined with Bruce Taylor on two separate tackles for loss in the third quarter and brought down Logan Thomas in the end zone for a safety.
  • The offensive line wasn't a complete train wreck, but it definitely hampered the Maroon and White offenses from getting into any kind of rhythm. The starting O-line was split up for this game and because we have no O-line depth due to injury this was kind of expected.
  • The starting kicking job is Chris Hazley's to lose.