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Brad Clontz is Bad at Golf

The Chick-fil-A Bowl Challenge is an annual charity golf tournament held outside of Atlanta by the good folks at the CFA Bowl. It pairs one coach with one with one former from various ACC and SEC schools and lets them play for pride and a good cause.

Virginia Tech has a proud tradition of performing well in the tournament and the team of Frank Beamer and Dell Curry are usually in contention and actually won the thing in 2007. But this year Curry wasn't available because he's a broadcaster for the Charlotte Bobcats and the usually pathetic 'Cats messed around and made the playoffs.

His replacement? Former Hokies/Braves/Pirates/RedHawks/Pelicans reliever Brad Clontz. Clontzy's good at a lot of things: Throwing sliders, tailgating and dating exceptionally beautiful women are among them. But one thing Clontz apparently struggles with is golf.

The team of Beamer and Clontz managed to finish Dead. Ass. Last. at Tuesday's tournament, shooting four over par on their round. It doesn't take a math whiz to figure out which member of that team didn't carry their share of the weight.

I bet Beamer's really hoping the Bobcats miss the playoffs next year.