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An Open Letter to Gobbler Country

Dear fellow Virginia Tech fans,

First off, I would like to thank Gobbler Country for the opportunity to present my views and arguments on all things Virginia Tech and ACC related in the future.  This blog has been a favorite of mine as a Hokie fan and the chance to contribute to it was too good to pass up! 
Next, it should be known that I am not an expert of any sort in relation to Virginia Tech athletics.  I am a 22 year old Senior Philosophy major with an unhealthy interest in sports.  What I can say for myself is that I was born and raised a Hokies fan.  My late father was an alum of Virginia Tech and because of that, I was rooting for the Hokies before I could walk.  I was in Morgantown for the 1999 game (where I spent as much time dodging rocks as I did watching the game), I witnessed Lee Suggs breaking the NCAA single-season touchdown record, as well as the dreadful Matt Ryan game.  Although I am not an expert, I feel that my lifelong following of the team and the many experiences that have come with it give me some sort of qualification to write about the Hokies.
Lastly, I preface my posts here at Gobbler Country by simply stating my writing style and the views that I normally hold.  I can be extremely cynical, and if my posts touch a nerve with some of you out there, that's good.  They probably should.  I don't write for shock value, I simply write to get things off of my chest and create a different perspective when looking at the sporting world.  I hope to be somewhat humorous and intelligent in my efforts, but I understand that can be hit or miss.  I look forward to writing for Gobbler Country and giving Hokies everywhere a new and dynamic perspective on all things maroon and orange! 
Thank you,
Mark Trible

I can be reached on twitter @mtrible or by email at