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2009 ACC Offensive Turnover Rates


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Fri PM: 2009 ACC Defensive Red Zone Rates

Yesterday we looked at how often ACC teams got into the end zone in 2009. Today we'll take a look at the opposite end of the spectrum. After the jump, the stats on how often ACC teams coughed up the football. All stats are from league games only and the raw data comes from


A year after its well-documented trouble with fumbles, Georgia Tech came out and ran the second most run plays for each fumble lost in the ACC in 2009. Miami was the only team head of the Jackets in that category. Surprisingly, Virginia ran the most pass plays per interception thrown in the league. Meanwhile, the Hokies stayed steady in both categories.


The Hokies and Hoos may have tied for fewest interceptions and fumbles combined, but Georgia Tech and Duke ran a lot more plays and therefore had lower turnover rates. With the loss of Thad Lewis, it will be interesting to see how fall Duke falls in this ranking.

While NC State had the fewest plays per touchdown on offense (good), it also had the fewest plays per turnover (bad). Say what you will about Tom O'Brien's offense last year, it certainly wasn't boring to watch if you were a non-partisan observer. Russell Wilson's knack for not turning the ball over in 2008 disappeared last season.