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2009 ACC Defensive Red Zone Efficiency


Mon AM: 2010 ACC Returning Offensive Percentages
Tue AM: 2009 ACC Offensive Touchdown Rates
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Wed PM: 2009 ACC Defensive Turnover Rates
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Thu PM: 2009 ACC Defensive Loss Rates
Fri AM: 2009 ACC Offensive Red Zone Rates
NOW: 2009 ACC Defensive Red Zone Rates

This afternoon we look at red zone efficiency for ACC defenses in conference play. The chart and graph are after the jump, with raw data from


Once again, you get points per possession by multiplying field goals by three, touchdowns by seven, adding them together and dividing by possessions. In percentage rankings, Boston College led the league by allowing points on 75.9 percent of opponent's red zone possessions in ACC play and Miami gave up the lowest percentage of touchdowns at 34.8 percent. Those two were neck-and-neck for the leader in points per possession.


The Canes edged out the Eagles with the Hokies coming in third. Wake Forest, which gave up 23 touchdowns in 28 red zone possessions, finished in last by a decent margin. Holding teams to field goals helped Clemson out in these rankings. The Tigers were 10th in the ACC in opponent's red zone percentage, but seventh in points per possession. FSU meanwhile, dropped from 6th in percentage to 11th in efficiency thanks to giving up 27 touchdowns in 37 trips.