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2010 Stats Week in Review


Mon AM: 2010 ACC Returning Offensive Percentages
Tue AM: 2009 ACC Offensive Touchdown Rates
Tue PM: 2009 ACC Defensive Touchdown Rates
Wed AM: 2009 ACC Offensive Turnover Rates
Wed PM: 2009 ACC Defensive Turnover Rates
Thu AM: 2009 ACC Offensive Loss Rates
Thu PM: 2009 ACC Defensive Loss Rates
Fri AM: 2009 ACC Offensive Red Zone Rates
Fri PM: 2009 ACC Defensive Red Zone Rates

Thanks to everyone who indulged me during Stats Week to everyone for your excellent comments on all the posts. After the jump, you'll see how all the teams ranked in each of the stats discussed during the week and a few additional ones as well.






In the ultimate proof of my dorkiness, we have the above charts, which show where each team ranked in the ACC in the stats we looked at this week as well as yards per play and plays per point during ACC play, which I got from To make things even, I added returning starters and returning lettermen to the defensive chart, which can be found in the 2010 ACC spring prospectus

Then, on top of that, I gave teams points based on where they ranked in ACC play in all those categories. Finishing in the top third of the conference (green) gave you three points, middle third (yellow) gave you two points and bottom third (red) one point.

In the end, the points really mean nothing and are interesting only to me.

What Did We Learn?

The whole point of this week was to look at various stats in different ways. I like looking at things on a per play, or in the case of the red zone stats per possession, basis because it takes style of play out of the equation.

While the stats looked at can give you some idea of how teams performed last year, they can only tell so much. As baseball fans know well, there's a huge argument between SABR and scout camps, but neither side gives you the whole story. It's the same way in football.

You can have all the stats in the world at your disposal, but in the end a team still has to pass the eye test.