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ACC Baseball Tournament Q&A with the College Baseball Blog

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Brian Foley of the College Baseball Blog was nice enough to answer a few questions about this week's ACC baseball tournament. The Hokies are participating in their first tournament since 2005 when every ACC team participated in the tournament. They also look like they'll be invited to their first NCAA tournament since 2000 when they went 2-and-Q at in the Fullerton regional under Chuck Hartman.

GC: The Hokies are in a pool with Clemson, Georgia Tech and NC State. How do you think they'll fare against those three?

CBB: I think VT should be able to go 2-1 in that pool. I think they can beat Clemson and NC State without looking at the pitching matchups. I think GT could be a tossup depending on who the Yellow Jackets throw at them. They would want to avoid seeing Deck McGuire.

GC: Tech hasn't been to the ACC tournament since 2005. How much will tournament inexperience hurt them?

CBB: I don't think it matters that much as it is more of a three game series for the Hokies unlike a double elimination tournament. They will be fine and the experiance factor might hurt them more in the NCAA Tourney.

GC: With the MLB draft coming up on June 7, which Hokie is most in need of a good showing in the tournament to help their draft stock?

CBB: Jesse Hahn needs to have a good start as he has struggled since getting injured a few weeks back. He could get himself up to the first round or slide down to the second round. Right now I have him going in the compensatory round between the first and second round.

GC: What is the best-case and worst-case scenario for the Hokies in the NCAA tournament?

CBB: The best case is a 2 seed if they win the ACC Tourney and the worst case is a 3 seeded.