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College Football Hall of Fame Class Announced; Will Furrer Snubbed Again

I don't know, either. via <a href=""></a>
I don't know, either. via

The 2010 class of College Football Hall of Fame inductees was announced today and noticeably absent was a certain left-handed quarterback who led Virginia Tech in passing for four years.

Pat Tillman of Arizona State and Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard of Michigan headline the class along with coaches Barry Alvarez and Gene Stallings. Representing the ACC are NC State's Dennis Byrd and Duke's Clarkston Hines.

Not among those elected to the Hall of Fame was former Hokies QB Will Furrer. Forget that Furrer never played in a bowl game. If we're all going to fellate Brett Favre for being a "gunslinger" we can at least admire the same qualities in the college game. Then again, I guess it's not hard to believe that Furrer would be overlooked for college football's HOF when he can't even get into the one at Virginia Tech.

I guess now we'll just have to eagerly await the announcement of the 2010 Virginia Tech HOF class in August.