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A Conversation with The Key Play

I had the following conversation with Joe from The Key Play this afternoon.

Me: This is Jim Lambright. Who does he look like to you?


TKP: He sort of looks like Robb Akey.

Me: Does he look like an older Bud Foster?

TKP: Ahhh, yes. The pissed-off scowl is pretty spot-on.

Me: Good. Did you know that Jim Lambright pretty much invented the 4-3-whip-rover defense Virginia Tech uses today?

TKP: I did not.

Me: Did you know that after being an assistant at Washington for 30 seasons and surely turning down overtures from "lesser" schools*, Lambright became head coach at UW after the Hall-of-Fame head coach he served under retired/resigned?

TKP: Hahahaha. I did not.

Me: Did you know that after six colossally average seasons**, in which UW's best record was 9-3 and failed to live up to the standard he and the coach he served under had built, that he was summarily fired by UW?

TKP: Hahaha. This has made my fucking afternoon.

Me: I'm not saying. I'm just saying.

Me: Oh, and P.S. - Lambright was replaced by Rick Neuheisel.

TKP: Who would be our Neuheisel?

Me: Jim Leavitt?

TKP: Oh, Lord.

* - No I didn't fact-check that. I didn't have time.

** - Yes I know UW was under heavy probation for the first two. The second rule of good journalism is to never let the facts get in the way of a good story.