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Gobbler Country's Post-Spring ACC Power Poll

Spring drills are done for the entire league and most teams are coming out of them with high hopes for the 2010 season. And since everyone else is releasing a post-spring poll of some sort, here's a way, way, way too early guess as to how the standings will shake out. This will definitely change between now and September.

Atlantic Coast Conference

Atlantic Division

1. Florida State Seminoles
- Because the D is no longer clueless.

2. Boston College Eagles
- Because they still need a decent QB.

3. Clemson Tigers
- Because the I don't trust their O-line.

4. Maryland Terrapins
- Because their QB play will be improved.

5. NC State Wolfpack
- Because Nate Irving can't play DE and FS, too.

6. Wake Forest Demon Deacons
- Because they won't score many points.

Coastal Division

1. Virginia Tech Hokies
- Because I'm a homer.

2. Miami Hurricanes
- Because the secondary and O-line still need work.

3. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
- Because they lost too much on defense.

4. North Carolina Tar Heels
- Because T.J. Yates still doesn't impress anyone.

5. Duke Blue Devils
- Because it looks like they have something resembling a run game.

6. Virginia Cavaliers
- Because you don't get points for optimism.