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Gobbler Country's Post-Spring ACC Power Poll

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Spring drills are done for the entire league and most teams are coming out of them with high hopes for the 2010 season. And since everyone else is releasing a post-spring poll of some sort, here's a way, way, way too early guess as to how the standings will shake out. This will definitely change between now and September.

Atlantic Coast Conference

Atlantic Division

1. Florida State Seminoles
- Because the D is no longer clueless.

2. Boston College Eagles
- Because they still need a decent QB.

3. Clemson Tigers
- Because the I don't trust their O-line.

4. Maryland Terrapins
- Because their QB play will be improved.

5. NC State Wolfpack
- Because Nate Irving can't play DE and FS, too.

6. Wake Forest Demon Deacons
- Because they won't score many points.

Coastal Division

1. Virginia Tech Hokies
- Because I'm a homer.

2. Miami Hurricanes
- Because the secondary and O-line still need work.

3. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
- Because they lost too much on defense.

4. North Carolina Tar Heels
- Because T.J. Yates still doesn't impress anyone.

5. Duke Blue Devils
- Because it looks like they have something resembling a run game.

6. Virginia Cavaliers
- Because you don't get points for optimism.