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The Latest on Conference Expansion, Including a Completely Bogus "Virginia Tech to SEC" Rumor

In bullet form because I'm tired.

Here are my thoughts: Don't blow throw away comments mentioning Virginia Tech as an SEC expansion candidate out of proportion. And take radio reports with a grain of salt. The SEC is mum on this issue and is going to remain mum probably until it's ready to make a move. Loose lips sink ships, just ask the Big 12.

If the SEC decides to expand, there's a fair chance it will look at Virginia Tech. However, I'm not completely convinced the SEC will expand and even more skeptical that it will expand to 16. Should it decide it's going to go to 16, then we can start seriously talking about whether or not the SEC is going to send an invitation and whether or not we should accept.

My opinion is that Virginia Tech should accept an SEC invitation because if we don't say yes, someone else from the ACC will. I want to be a part of the ACC as long as it stays together and stays strong. But if the SEC is going to invite as many as four teams, then the ACC would be a shell of its former self.

Oh, and in 24 hours everything I wrote above will likely be irrelevant.

UPDATE: What the hell? Here's some more links from around the ACC.