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Virginia Tech AD Jim Weaver Discusses Conference Expansion

Mark Berman of the Roanoke Times talked to Athletics Director Jim Weaver about all the SEC rumors. The Cliff's Notes version: We like being the ACC. We haven't talked to the SEC. We aren't even considering that right now.

It's an interesting read, during which Weaver says all the right things. He lauds the ACC for being a great fit for the Hokies and a great conference overall. He also doesn't flatly deny that there's any chance Tech would ever consider a move. The AD is content to be a part of the ACC, especially when there's no guarantee the SEC will come calling on the Hokies. Or anyone for that matter:

"I'm really not sure that everybody's going to try to go to 16," (Weaver) said. "I don't know where that makes senses for all the conferences because you've got to be able to stay whole revenue-wise.

"I don't see [the SEC] getting bigger for the sake of getting bigger."