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The 2010 Hokie Football Annual is Almost Here


Chris Colston might be familiar to some of you Hokie diehards. He's a Virginia Tech graduate who used to edit the old Hokie Huddler (which is now called Inside Hokie Sports), has written three books about Hokie football and co-wrote Frank Beamer's biography with Beamer.

Well, Chris has returned to the Commonwealth after covering the NBA for USA Today and has authored the definitive guide to the 2010 edition of Virginia Tech football, The Hokie Football Annual, which will be available at the Virginia Tech Bookstore and at the first week of July.

The book will feature interviews with the coaches, previews of every position, a look back at the 2009 season and a look ahead with a review of the incoming freshmen.

There's even a section in the book written by yours truly. You'll have to buy the book to see what it's about and what I had to say.

For more on the Hokie annual, read Chris' interview with the CT. You can also follow him on Twitter @chriscolston and @hokieannual.