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Bourbon Shots: Betting Against the Hokies Edition

Another gambler isn't a fan of Virginia Tech football in 2010. Back in May, told its readers to be wary of the Hokies this year because of a tough schedule and losses on defense and special teams. Now, Maddux Sports, which proclaims to offer sports news from a betting perspective, lists Tech as a team to avoid this year, along with Oklahoma and Oregon.

While Maddux doesn't like what the Hokies lose, its main concern is that the Hokies don't offer a lot of value to bettors:

Not a bad team, but not a good pick at +2040 either. The team will most likely find itself in the same position as every year, scrapping for the conference title without a legitimate shot at the title. Their bid for a BCS Championship game could be over before the season really starts, if they lose to Boise State.

All in all it's a fair assessment of the Hokies. Whether or not you're a gambler, Vegas is usually a good place to turn if you want an unbiased opinion of any team leading into the season.

I can't see a reason any bettor would put money on a Tech game this year because of how unpredictable I think we'll be because of the offensive line and losses on defense. If you are going to bet on Tech this year, I suggest you take the over, especially in the early games.

Virginia Tech Hokies

Hokie Memorabilia Contest (The Key Play)
Joe wants to see the best Tech stuff you have with the winners receiving fabulous prizes. I plan on sweeping all categories.

College football workouts: 'In iron we trust' (Kyle Tucker)
Spring practice is over, which means you're in Coach Gentry's World now, bitch. I really think Gentry has been the key to most of the Hokies' success the last 15 years. The guy makes a difference, especially during the voluntary summer workouts.

2010 College Football Preseason Top 10 (Football Outsiders)
Football Outsiders ranks us No. 6 and projects we'll have the third-best offense in the country this year. That would blow a lot of people's minds.

Combined New and Improved Experience Chart (Phil Steele)
Steele has us in the middle of the pack as far as experience goes, 65th in the country. Our opponent in the opener is No. 1. To me, the big difference is that our offensive line only has 54 career start between them. At least it's not as bad as the situation at Air Force, where all of their O-linemen combine for exactly one career start.

Generic Heisman Watch: The 'Face of the Program' (Dr. Saturday)
The Doc analyzes Tyrod's Heisman chances. Basically, he needs to be efficient again, come up with more highlight reel plays like he did against Nebraska and the Hokies have to be in the running for a national title come November. The biggest detriment to Tyrod's hopes? Ryan Williams and Darren Evans.

Defensive Work Critical To Chicago's Aspirations (
The speed of former Hokie great Patrick Nyarko has been a key for Chicago's turnaround this year. It allows the Fire to play suffocating defense and then allow Nyarko and Marco Pappa to streak back down the field on counterattacks.

Inside the Joe Saunders Numbers (Halos Heaven)
Former Hokie great Joe Saunders was an All-Star in 2008 but he's struggling again in 2010 after an injury-plagued 2009. Rev Halofan says the biggest reason for Saunders' ineffectiveness is walks and general lack of control.

ACC and Opponents

The U, Deleted Scene (The 7th Floor)
Rakontur is releasing a deleted scene from The U every week until it comes out on DVD Aug. 17. I approve.

Ranking the ACC Football Uniforms (ACC Mania)
A good post from our own Josh Purcell, but how the hell is Maryland No. 6?

Defensive Back Run Support (Shakin The Southland)
An in-depth look at something that is vital to the Hokies' success on D, but from a Clemson point of view.

How important is a quarterback's age in the ACC? (From The Rumble Seat)
It turns out that for QBs in the ACC, age is just a number.

Sizing Up The Stoutest Front Sevens (Tomahawk Nation)
It annoys TN to no end that we're able to have a pretty good defense despite not being among the bulkiest in the country. Size will always matter in college football, but lack of size can be compensated for if you get consistent pressure on the quarterback.

Griffin back and ready to go (Blogger So Dear)
Martin had a chance to interview Oklahoma City's own Blake Griffin last week. Not ACC-related, but still incredibly cool and a good read.

Speed, strength, agility numbers for Boise State (One Bronco Nation Under God)
Titus Young is fast.

Five and Five: Duke (Pre-Snap Read)
Myerberg has Duke No. 68 in his countdown and thinks its defense's progression may be slowed due to the loss of DC Mike MacIntyre, who took the head gig at SJSU.

Quarterback development key to 2010 success (Blue Devil Nation)
Success is a relative term for Duke, but if Sean Renfree's the real deal this team could wind up in a bowl game this December.

With Young gone, Terps' line depth even more questionable (D1SCOURSE)
The Terps face the same problem the Hokies face year-in and year-out.

Yow Legacy Mostly Positive (ACC Sports Journal)
Debbie Yow is moving from the AD post at Maryland to the same job at NC State. Here's what made her tenure at Maryland a success.

Brief Final Thoughts On The Yow Hire (Backing The Pack)
Akula Wolf worries that Yow is a micromanager, but has an open mind about the new leader of the Pack.

Why Did Yow Make the Move and Where Does Maryland Go From Here? (Testudo Times)
Dave Tucker at TT has two names at the top of his mind for Maryland's next AD. One is reasonable (UConn's Jeff Hathaway) and the other is a pipe dream (Oklahoma's Joe Castiglione).