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Hokies might get second chance to dismantle Dominique Davis

Yes, that Dominique Davis, that was thrown to the wolves better known as the Virginia Tech defense in the 2008 ACC Championship Game, has resurfaced at East Carolina after transferring from Boston College. reports that Davis has enrolled in classes in Greenville for the summer after spending last season at a junior college. Davis obviously did not practice with the Pirates during the spring, but new head coach Ruffin McNeill had this to say about his new option at quarterback:

"I'm looking forward to see how that turns out...We're not able to be a part of any of his workouts right now, but that's OK, that's fine -- let him adjust and get adjusted to it. ... I'm excited about Dominique being a part of our family and being a part of our football team, and I'm looking forward to seeing his progress and how he develops. He looks like a guy that wants to take care of business and do well, so I'm anxious to get around him."

The Hokies' defensive line is anxious to get around him too. In that 2008 game in Tampa, Davis completed just 17 of 43 passes with two interceptions and was sacked five times.