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Where I Come From: What Are Your Expectations for the Season?

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Today, I'm asking for your expectations for the 2010 season. Coming off a 10-win season in 2009, the Hokies return all of their significant contributors from the skill positions except Greg Boone and get Darren Evans back from last year's knee injury. However, the Hokies have to replace six starters on defense (I count Lyndell Gibson as a returning starter) and face a tough schedule.

Taking all that into consideration, how should we define success for this team? I think the answer lies somewhere between "all or nothing" and "just get bowl eligible." Those who think the only acceptable result for 2010 is going 14-0 and winning the national title are as justified as they've been for doing so since Michael Vick was in town. Meanwhile, those who are happy with any season that results in a bowl trip are probably a little short-sighted this year.

I absolutely think this team should be a contender for the national title. The problem is you have to get very lucky to actually accomplish the feat. Winning a national title requires a team to not only be special, but also be incredibly lucky. Unfortunately, I don't think this team is deep enough to overcome bad luck and injury so my expectations for 2010 are tempered a little.

Those of you who want to shoot for the moon, go ahead and do so. All I ask is that you not ask is that you not be a complete nitwit and call for the head of every coach on staff if the team falls short. I think we'll be successful this year, but right now I don't think everything's in place to where we will win a national title.

Right now, I think we'll have a 10-2 or 9-3 regular season and be in the hunt for the ACC championship or possibly an at-large BCS berth.

So while Joe from The Key Play will be satisfied with a BCS bowl win, I'll be satisfied with the Hokies' fourth ACC championship.

That's what I'll consider a successful season for the Hokies this year, but what are your expectations for the season? Are you among the fans who think only a national title will be acceptable? Or do you have other ways to define success in 2010?