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Is Playing Boise State Still a Lose-Lose Proposition?

When Boise State was selected to its first BCS Bowl following an undefeated 2006 regular season, the Broncos were still given little respect and were ranked No. 9 by both polls. Fans and beat writers of their opponents, Oklahoma, considered the game a lose-lose situation for the Sooners, who were 11-2 and champions of the Big 12.

If they beat Boise in the Fiesta Bowl, the Sooners would have only done what was expected of them against a lesser opponent. If they lost, it would be a huge embarrassment to a team that was considered college football royalty.

The result, of course, was one of the better college football games in recent memory and helped put Boise State and Chris Petersen on the map. And after another undefeated season and Fiesta Bowl championship, the Broncos are posed to be ranked in the Top 5 when they face off with the Hokies on FedEx Field.

But is scheduling the Broncos a mistake? Can Virginia Tech still not win even if they beat them on Labor Day?

Boise State's perception is slowly changing in the national media and the Broncos will soon take a step up to the Mountain West Conference. But I wonder if their perception has changed enough that the Hokies would get the credit they deserve for a possible victory against them.

This Boise State team should command a lot of respect from fans and pundits around the country. The Broncos were impressive last year, starting with what I thought was a dominating performance against Oregon on the season's opening night.

If a team from a BCS conference had gone 14-0 the season before and only lost one starter, everyone would vote them the preseason No. 1. But because Boise plays in the WAC there are still skeptics out there and that's why I wonder what the reaction would be if Virginia Tech were to win this game.

Would the Hokies be praised for beating a Top 5 team or would the public just consider Boise overrated and exposed?

What do you guys think? Is playing Boise State still a lose-lose for the Hokies or any other BCS school or have the Broncos earned the respect they deserve with two BCS bowl wins?