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Apparently Chris Colston Wants to Fight Me

I received my copy of Chris Colston's Hokie Annual the other day and after initially reading it, I can say it's even better than I thought it would be. There's a lot of great content in the book and it will be just as indispensable for Hokie fans as Phil Steele's guide is for hardcore college football fans and degenerate gamblers alike.

(You can buy the Hokie Annual at the University Bookstore or if you have to buy online, go to, which will save you a bundle on shipping.)

However, there was one part of the book that made my eye twitch:

The Annual's media critic is furrer4heisman at Gobbler Country, SB Nation's Virginia Tech community. He's not a Hokie per se but did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

This is the part of the western where the guy in suspenders playing piano suddenly stops, the bartender stops cleaning a glass and the whole room goes silent except for someone in the background who drops their mug and I tell Chris I'll see him at high noon.

Not a Hokie per se? As a card-carrying Hokie Club member who spends most of his discretionary income on seeing the Hokies play football in person and a good chunk of his free time swatting away certain segments of the ACC population who troll the comment sections here, I definitely consider myself to be a Hokie. Even if I didn't go to Tech.

So if Chris Colston's looking for a fight, he can find me after seventh period in the playground next to the monkey bars. Bring it on!