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Bourbon Shots: ACC Media Extravaganza Edition

This big, steaming pile of links will have to tide you over until Tuesday because I'm going on a mini vacation to hit the reset button before we get knee-deep into football. Where am I going? Here. "Makin' their waaaaaaay, the only way they know how..."

Virginia Tech Hokies

Virginia Tech has lofty hopes entering 2010 football season (Washington Post)
For a team with a lot of holes to fill, there sure are a lot of high expectations for the Hokies. Then again, it says something about the profile of the program when the media constantly picks you to win the league in the preseason.

Hokies' opening game to be aired in 3-D on ESPN (Kyle Tucker)
If you haven't seen a game in 3D, it's worth to find a friend's house or a theater that will be showing the game. See my review of the past NCAA basketball championship in 3D.

Hokies speak at first session at ACC Media Kickoff (ACC Mania)
Our old friend Josh has the best soundbites from the player's session with the media at the ACC Football Kickoff.

I'll have More Wild Turkey Please (The Key Play)
Injuries to Greg Boone kept us from seeing Joe's favorite formation last year. But the Hokies have a dynamic backfield with Williams, Oglesby and Thomas, so he wants to see more Wild Turkey this year to make up for a year without.

Hype and Change (The A-Line)
"It has become somewhat comical to observe just about every summer the Virginia Tech hype machine again kick into high gear and proclaim that this will indeed be the Year of the Hokie. That Tech never quite lives up to the enormous expectations with which the program drapes itself matters not a whit to most anybody. It’s MNC or bust, by cracky and they ain’t gonna let anything stand in the way of declaring themselves, in July, to be national champion-worthy, including such trivial matters as Tech’s record against legitimate top programs or Paul Johnson’s offense."

Day One Of ACC Football Kickoff (CSN Washington)
The guys at Comcast SportsNet were impressed with how Tyrod Taylor has improved his interview skills. Also, we could have a new nickname for Ryan Williams soon, courtesy of Tyrod.

Fire 'not happy' nearing midway point (ESPN Chicago)
Former Hokie Patrick Nyarko could be back on the pitch Sunday after missing a few weeks with concussion-like symptoms. The Fire have struggled without their playmaking midfielder.

Ex-Hokie softball star Tincher in town for clinics, games (Newport News Daily Press)
Former Virginia Tech star Angela Tincher pursues her professional softball dream while giving back in the form of clinics and charity ventures.

ACC and College Football

Ah, Media Polls (ACC Blogger)
There's a distinct lack of creativity when ACSMA goes to make its preseason predictions at ACC media days.

ACC Football Still Looking for That Breakout Season (SB Nation DC)
A general overview from the mothership that breaks down which (if any) ACC teams are poised for a national championship run.

Is the NCAA inviting the FBS to leave? (BCS Evolution)
Why college football shouldn't be governed by the NCAA.

ACC Coastal

Margin of Hype vs. Margin of Excellence (From The Rumble Seat)
Bird examines how teams have faired against the media's preseason predictions. Virginia Tech has met expectations for the most part.

Language changes in blocking rules could affect Georgia Tech (Macon Telegraph)
"The key term in there is that you cannot block toward the original position of the ball," Rhoads said. "Now, does the guy have to be facing magnetic north, of course we have no way of knowing if he’s facing true north, but it has to be obvious that his body isn’t being turned toward the original position of the ball (line of scrimmage). That would be a crack back."

Sports Agents Are Beginning to Freak Out a Bit (Carolina March)
If Marvin Austin goes down, some agents out there should go down with him.

David Cutcliffe addresses the media (Blue Devil Nation)
Because of their schedule, Cutcliffe's men might be a year away from being a bowl team. But Duke is still dangerous this year. They'll probably end up beating someone they have no business beating.

Following recruiting, part 1: the airing of grievances (From Old Virginia)
What kind of recruitnik are you? Chances are you fit into one of the categories Brendan lists here and chances are you annoy him.

ACC Atlantic

More From the ACC Football Kickoff (Block-C)
The only man in Clemson unhappy with Kyle Parker's return to the Tigers could be Tajh Boyd. He was all set to be the man, but will have to be the heir-apparent for another season. It's like having the really cool girl you've been texting during her "rough patch" with her douchebag boyfriend go back to the boyfriend right before you were able to seal the deal.

Gary Stokan Outlines Peach Bowl Selection Criteria (BC Interruption)
Boston College will get selected to the Peach Bowl sometime after Virginia Tech advances to its first Frozen Four.

Amid uncertainty, Friedgen plotting rally with Terps (D1scourse)
He's coming off a miserable season and will soon have a new boss, but Ralph Friedgen isn't updating his resume yet. He's motivated to get the job done at Maryland despite mounting pressure from outside forces.

State’s Football Program Missed The Boat In 2003 (Riddick & Reynolds)
R&R envies FSU's Heisman push for Christian Ponder and thinks NC State should have done the same with Philip Rivers.

Expectations Versus Goals (Tomahawk Nation)
FSU's goal should be a 14-0 season, but what should Seminole fans realistically expect from Jimbo Fisher's first season? TN gives you the nine levels of expectations in college football.