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Where I Come From: How Did You Become a Hokie Fan?

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

I was raised a Hokie despite being over 1,000 miles from Virginia Tech's campus. My family was from Southwest Virginia and I had relatives that went to Tech. Those that went to Tech made sure I grew up wearing Orange and Maroon.

Though the military had taken my family far away from Gobble Country, I did my best to keep up with a program that was growing from nothing. When I was 10, the Hokies made the Independence Bowl for Christmas I requested a (relatively) short trip to Shreveport to see Tech. Two years later, we were making a somewhat longer trip to New Orleans for the Sugar.

My fanhood solidified every time I had to defend the Hokies while growing up. It wasn't easy being a Hokie fan around people who had no clue where Blacksburg was or that Virginia Tech was located in Blacksburg for that matter.

When it came time to choose a college, I applied to Tech and was accepted but chose to stay close to home to save money and major in journalism. However in college I went to more Virginia Tech games as a fan than games of the BCS school I went to.

My devotion of the Hokies became stronger because I felt more at home the three or four days a year I'd spend in Blacksburg than any of the ones I spent on my own campus. When I was in Blacksburg on game day it felt like I was at a family reunion. Game day back home felt like a business meeting.

I feel strong camaraderie with Hokie fans and it grows whenever I meet new ones either through this blog and Twitter or when I go to Blacksburg. I've been a Hokie fan all my life and I always will be no matter where life takes me. Being a Hokie defines who I am and I'm proud to associate myself with the greatest fan base in college sports.

What about you guys? When did you become a Hokie fan? Was it from birth or something you grew into as you grew up?