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Where I Come From: How Do You Tailgate for Hokie Games?


This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

One of the many reasons I'm a Hokie fan is the game day atmosphere in Blacksburg. As I said on Monday, it always seems like a family reunion when I'm at Virginia Tech for a game.

And on game day, my family is the folks at the Clubhouse Tailgate. These guys have been to nearly every Tech game together since 2002 and accepted me as one of their own when I happened to wander over to their RVs at the 2007 Georgia Tech game in Atlanta.

Since then almost every Tech game I've been to has included taking communion (in our case a shot of Wild Turkey 101) with the guys at the Clubhouse Tailgate. My other personal tradition for home games is to grab a Rail at TOTS when I'm in Blacksburg on game day.

The guys I tailgate with are like a second family to me and make every Hokie game special. What are your tailgating traditions, home or away?