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Where I Come From: What Are Your Most Memorable Moments as a Hokie Fan?

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Today we're discussing our most memorable moments as Virginia Tech fans. Here's mine:

I remember that blocked field goal because I was at the game and had told my dad before the play we were going to block it and return it for a touchdown. It was also really the first time the nation was introduced to Beamer Ball. The play was a game-changer and Tech dominated the second half to win its first bowl game since 1986.

Some other moments that come to mind:

1999 vs. West Virginia: This game pretty much solidified the idea my parents and friends had that something was very, very wrong with me. I'm pretty sure I had a legitimate nervous breakdown after Shyrone Stith's fumble late in the fourth quarter.

2004 vs. Georgia Tech: One of my roommates at the time was from Snellville, Ga. and was a huge Georgia Tech fan. He wouldn't stop running his mouth for the first 54 minutes of the game. I wouldn't stop running mine for the rest of the season.

2008 2007 ACC Championship Game: I had to drive to Nashville the day of this game and listened to all of Bill Roth's pregame show and call of the game. The people around me driving through Memphis were pretty confused when I started blaring my horn after Xavier Adibi's pick six to seal the game. When I got to Nashville, the celebration really began.

What are your favorite moments as a Hokie football fan?