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Virginia Tech Running Back Darren Evans Has Strong Outing in First Scrimmage

If you haven't read Casey's scrimmage observations, you can do so here. Below are more comments from others who were in attendance via The Twitter, starting with the star of the scrimmage himself.

Iiiiiimmmmmm bbbbbbaaaaaccccckkkkkkk!!!!!!less than a minute ago via TweetCaster


Ryan Williams saw limited action with only four carries, leaving Darren Evans to show off his surgically repaired left knee. He ran the ball 12 times for 60 yards (5.0 ypc) and looked strong to those in attendance, including Josh Parcell, the Virginia Tech campus blogger for the ACC this season and a former contributor to this site.

Offense was very vanilla in todays scrimmage. Nothing fancy. Heavy dose of darren evans. He looked goodless than a minute ago via mobile web


Josh said Evans looked more nimble than he did before the injury. Most of his carries came against the second- and third-team defense, but right now I think how Evans looks is just as important as stats because of the nature of his injury. He can't run timid and right now it looks like he isn't.

Like Williams, Tyrod Taylor didn't see much of the field and attempted only seven passes. That allowed the coaches, media and fans to get a good look at the two candidates for the back-up job: Logan Thomas and Ju-Ju Clayton. Thomas looked ahead of Clayton to most observes and the stats backed that up on Saturday. Thomas was 9-for-17 for 82 yards and Clayton was 3-for-8 for 36 yards.

QB coach Mike O'Cain told reporters to expect a decision on the backup on Sunday or Monday:

O'Cain on back-up QBs - It’s been good competition and now it’s time to make the decision and move forward.less than a minute ago via web


If the coaches are going to make up their minds in the next two days, the stats indicate that Thomas will be the backup.

On defense, there were a lot of players held out of the scrimmage (13 in all between the O and D), but two that certainly weren't held out were defensive end J.R. Collins and mike linebacker Telvion Clark. Collins had four tackles, two for a loss and a sack, which is good news for the Hokies, who are looking for depth at DE behind Chris Drager and Steven Friday. The bad news is those numbers probably came against the second- and third-team offensive line.

Clark, meanwhile, played well enough to catch the eye of Bud Foster:

Bud Foster said that R-Fr Telvion Clark has separated himself this week at the #2 Mike LB position. R-Fr Jack Tyler is "right behind" Clarkless than a minute ago via TweetDeck


That means there's a decent chance Clark will see the field against Boise State as Bruce Taylor's backup.

Special teams highlighted the day as the coaches stopped most drives in the red zone because according to Robertson, Tech hasn't installed all of its red zone offense yet. I think it's partially that, partially because the staff doesn't want to give anything away and partially because we're still looking for a starting kicker.

Check that, were looking for a starting kicker if you ask Joe from The Key Play:

HAZLEY 4/4 WE HAVE A KICKERless than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Most observers were high on Hazley, who according to Joe nailed one from about 48 yards out. Somehow, Frank Beamer continues to roll sevens when it comes to redshirt kickers (knock on wood).

But not all news was good news:

Scrimmage observations - athletically best looking VT group I've seen in awhile. Biggest concerns - whip and left tackle.less than a minute ago via UberTwitter


The one and only Raleigh Hokie from TSL fame was in attendance and has some pretty insightful observations from the scrimmage. He said that while Jeron Gouveia-Winslow played well, he just isn't a playmaker at whip. Meanwhile, the left tackles left to fill the shoes of Nick Becton struggled Saturday.

It's imperative Becton get back and have enough time to be ready to go against Boise State. He should miss about another week due to his turf toe, so I doubt we see him in the next scrimmage on Aug. 21, either.

Any commenters out there plan to be at the next scrimmage? Was anybody there Saturday? What did you see?