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The SB Nation Preseason ACC Football Predictions

I asked the 10 other ACC blogs affiliated with SB Nation and Brendan of From Old Virginia to submit their preseason ACC ballots for a different take on ACC football predictions. I wanted 12 votes, 12 blogs, 12 teams for equal representation. SBN only has affiliated blogs for 11 of the league's schools, so I asked Brendan to join the fun because he's the only Wahoo I've talked to for more than five minutes and not wanted to punch in the face.

I asked everybody to submit their predicted standings, league champion, offensive player of the year and defensive player of the year. The participants are myself (Virginia Tech), BC Interruption (Boston College), Shakin the Southland (Clemson), Duke Basketball Report (Duke), Tomahawk Nation (Florida State), From the Rumble Seat (Georgia Tech), Testudo Times (Maryland), The 7th Floor (Miami), Carolina March (North Carolina), Backing the Pack (NC State), From Old Virgina (Virginia) and Blogger So Dear (Wake Forest).

Results after the jump.

Predicted Standings
Atlantic Pts
Boston College (7) 63
Florida State (3) 59
Clemson (2) 56
NC State 31
Wake Forest 23
Maryland 20
Coastal Pts
Virginia Tech (8) 67
Miami (4) 59
Georgia Tech 49
North Carolina 39
Duke 23
Virginia 15


ACC Champion Offensive POY Defensive POY
Virginia Tech - 7 Christian Ponder - 4 Allen Bailey - 4
Miami - 3 Ryan Williams - 2 Robert Quinn - 4
Clemson - 1 Anthony Allen - 1 Luke Kuechly - 2
Florida State - 1 Damien Berry - 1 Alex Wujciak - 2
Jacory Harris - 1
Kyle Parker - 1
Russell Wilson - 1
Will Furrer - 1

So, there wasn't a huge difference between our vote and the official vote conducted at the ACC Football Kickoff. The standings in the Coastal are the same and we like Ponder and Quinn, although he shares the preseason DPOY with Bailey.

The only big difference is that in our vote, Boston College is moved up from third to first. I think our guys just have a lot more respect for BC's program than the media that gather every year for the official vote. After all, it's OUR teams that BC surprises consistently.

And I promise I didn't vote for former Virginia Tech quarterback Will Furrer. I voted for Ponder.

A huge thank you to the other 11 bloggers for making this idea possible. It couldn't have happened if we didn't get 100 percent participation and surprisingly there were hardly any that I had to poke with a cattle prod to get their vote in to me.