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Gobbler Country's Preliminary Preseason BlogPoll Top 25

Ooh boy, does this need help. After about No. 10 I just started dumping teams into the ballot and then rearranging them, so this ballot is very much a work in progress with the final version due Monday morning. You have until Sunday night to list your complaints and what teams you think deserved to be ranked higher or lower and why.

As a point of reference, here is my final ballot from last year.

Really, this ballot can be done in five segments because I think 1-5 are pretty much interchangeable, 6-10 are interchangeable, 11-15 and so on. Every team has warts so this was probably the most difficult ballot I've filled out since I started voting in this thing last season.

Quick notes: I'm probably a lot higher on Pitt and Ohio State than most of you are, because I've noticed that there are a lot of commenters that really hate Ohio State. I'm not in that group so getting them moved down from No. 3 will take a pretty strong argument.

And yes, I did put six ACC teams on my ballot. That's in part because the ACC doesn't have a lot of representation in the BlogPoll compared to the Big Ten and SEC. Someone has to speak up for our guys and it might as well be me. But if you feel strongly enough that any of them should not be included in the ballot, speak up.

If there's anyone who I left off the ballot that you think deserves to be in, please list your arguments and who you think should relegated to the abyss.

Remember, this ballot should represent the entire Gobbler Country community, not just my views, even though I reserve the right to invoke my veto.