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Virginia Tech Ranked No. 10 in Preseason AP Poll

Two weeks after coming in at No. 6 in the preseason coaches' poll, the Hokies have landed at No. 10 in the preseason AP Top 25. At the time, I said No. 6 was a little high for Virginia Tech and media seems to agree.

Other teams of note: 3. Boise State; 13. Miami; 16. Georgia Tech; 18. North Carolina; 20. Florida State; RV: Clemson, Central Michigan, Boston College.

Virginia Tech's preseason and postseason AP rankings since joining the ACC are after the jump.

Year: Pre/Post
2009: 7/10
2008: 17/15
2007: 9/9
2006: 17/19
2005: 8/7
2004: NR (42)/10