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Bourbon Shots: Hope Falls Eternal Edition

Preseason-, Fall-, August- or whatever you want to call it practice is starting up all over the country, meaning we will soon have actual football things to discuss. Rejoice, for the offseason is over.

As promised, here's the second half of my post-vacation Bourbon Shots, taking a trip around the ACC and beyond.

The ACC and OOC Opponents

Breaking down the quarterbacks: ACC Coastal (Mr. College Football)
The Barnhart names Joshua Nesbitt as the Coastal's best quarterback. Hate all you want, folks, but there's a lot more to being a quarterback than just passing. Nesbitt runs his offense as well as anyone else runs theirs. Without him, the Jackets would be in a world of trouble. He does list Tyrod as his No. 2 QB in the division ahead of Jacory Harris, though.

Trimane Goddard Drops In To Talk Training Camp (In the Bleachers)
Felder and Goddard discuss what happens at training camp and what football players go through to prepare for the season.

Boise State's pre-fall depth chart (One Bronco Nation Under God)
Kevan breaks down the post-spring depth chart and makes his predictions for what the depth chart will actually look like when the Broncos play the Hokies. He's sees a few changes coming for the offensive depth chart, with Kirby Moore taking over a starting spot.

ACC Coastal

‘Canes Practice Begins (Eye of the Hurricane)
Canes fans are keeping an eye on freshman who will battle for playing time during fall practice, which opens today in Coral Gables.

Is UNC Going to Have an Offensive Line This Season? (Carolina March)
If the Heels are going to have any success on offense this year, they're going to have to keep T.J. Yates off his back. It's an experienced line, but will it be an improved line?

The 4th Down Experiment (From The Rumble Seat)
Bird looks at when the Jackets go for it on fourth down and how often they're successful. Not surprisingly, Johnson becomes more aggressive as the season progresses and goes for it more often when he needs five yards or less for a first down.

Cutcliffe Talks 2010 Duke Football (Blue Devil Nation)
Coach Cut talks about the difficulties in changing the culture at Duke as it pertains to football and coaching up his quarterbacks. He gets into the X and Os of pass progression, which is pretty cool coming from the guy who developed Peyton Manning.

UVa's London lets assistants have their say (Roanoke Times)
Hoo beat writers rejoice as the leashes are taken off of the UVa assistants. The money quote came from safeties coach Anthony Poindexter about recruiting and the success UVa has had at it recently: "It's a lot easier when people ain't talking about getting rid of your head coach all of the time."

ACC Atlantic

Boston College Football's Toughest 2010 Opponents (SB Nation Boston)
Brian takes time from going to Sprinkles for cupcakes to don an SBN Boston hat and name the Hokies as BC's toughest opponent this season.

Practice Gently, Men (Backing The Pack)
The Pack are just trying to avoid injuries as Russell Wilson returns to town after a summer of Minor League Baseball.

Major Questions Going Into Fall Camp (Shakin The Southland)
Clemson's looking for some new playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, but four returning offensive linemen should ease the transition into a Post-Spiller world for the Tigers. On defense, there appears to be a mess at linebacker.

Hope For The Best: Reasons For Optimism (Testudo Times)
Ben looks on the bright side of life after looking at potential replacements for Ralph Friedgen. The Terps have an easier schedule and are healthier this year. They're a team I think could surprise some people in the ACC this year. Well, at least make it to a bowl after a 2-10 season.

Time for a Terp turnaround? (
Patrick Stevens breaks down the likelihood that the Terps or any ACC team could improve by four wins this year. It's happened three times since expansion, including once by Maryland in 2006. The Hokies would accomplish the feat if they went 14-0 this season.