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Virginia Tech Hokies Ranked No. 6 in Preseason USA Today Coaches' Poll

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Here it is. I think we might be ranked a little high.

Other teams of notes: 5. Boise State; 13. Miami; 17. Georgia Tech; 18. North Carolina; 20. Florida State; RV: Clemson, Boston College, Central Michigan.

It will be interesting to see how we're ranked in the AP poll after getting ranked this high by the coaches. I figured we would be somewhere between 9-12 to start the year and still think that's where we are realistically compared to the rest of the country.

Really you can take the Top 5 (Alabama, Ohio State, Florida, Texas and Boise State) and rank them wherever and it won't really matter. There's a lot of separation between those five and the next 10 entering the year in my mind.

Update: Darryl Slater reports this is the Hokies' highest preseason ranking in either poll in their history.