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Virginia Tech Media Day, Experienced Through Twitter

If you're like me and you weren't able to be at or watch the video feed of the Hokies' annual media day, you had to look elsewhere to get updates. I chose to get my updates from The Twitter and thanks to the following five guys it was enough to stay up-to-date on everything going on in Blacksburg.

Beamer on new $18 mil locker rm: "Says something about the intentions of VT and where we plan to go."less than a minute ago via txt


Apparently the new locker room is pretty plush. There were a lot of raves about it, including Ryan Williams telling reporters, "Some people might want to sleep in there."

More media day Twitter coverage after the jump...

What do ryan williams and darren evans have in common? "Tattoes, man" - Williamsless than a minute ago via mobile web


Josh Parcell has started his internship with the ACC and will be blogging and tweeting throughout the year as he covers the Hokies. He brings us the quote of the day from Ryan Williams.

Williams on '09 Heisman winner: "Taking nothing away from the guy, but I was right there."less than a minute ago via txt


Williams had four more rushing touchdowns than Ingram and only three fewer yards, but Ingram has the advantage in yards per carry, 6.12 to 5.65. Williams was more consistent last year than Ingram was. There weren't any games where Williams averaged less than 3.46 yards per carry. Ingram was ineffective in a pair of games against Arkansas and South Carolina.

The big difference was that Ingram had big games on big stages and was one of the main reasons his team won a national title. The moment a lot of people outside of Virginia Tech will remember from Williams was his fumble in the fourth quarter against North Carolina. Williams recognizes this and told reporters his focus was competing for a national championship because there won't be any talk of him for the Heisman unless the Hokies are in the running.

Notes from VT: 1) Was never wowed by TT on the field, but the way he talks/acts & the way his teammates talk about him, I'm a believer.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


Like I've said, Tyrod isn't as good as Hokie fans like to think, but not as bad as people outside the program perceive. At least Tyrod has won over the new guy covering the Hokies without having to take a snap.

LT Becton feels he's gotten a lot better with his technique and isnt worried about being young. "That's my job... Go out there and protect."less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


Nick Becton has quick feet and long arms, perfect for a left tackle. But the knock on him has been his technique and inexperience. The coaches believe the sophomore can be the starter for the next three years. Hopefully he'll be ready to go by the time the Boise State game rolls around.

David Wilson said he would rather redshirt than just return kickoffs this season. Wants to be a significant part of the offense.less than a minute ago via web


It's a good bet running back David Wilson will redshirt unless something unspeakable happens between now and Labor Day.

Former Tech assistant Kevin Rogers, now Vikings' QB coach, spent three days with Hokies' offensive staff in Blacksburg this summer.less than a minute ago via web


Fans would already know this if they had read Chris Colston's Hokie Football Annual. Coaches meet with other coaches during the offseason to talk shop and the Hokies met with West Virginia, Ohio State and Nebraska among others. In those meetings, you obviously don't divulge everything to the others, but with Rogers it was a lot different. Not only is he not going to be coaching against Tech any time soon, but also knows all about the Hokies' system already. Stinespring told Colston it was "probably the best three days we've ever spent."

Looks to me like with the loss of Grimm, the #hokies will definitely lose stopping run, but G-Winslow's quickness could help against passless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


With linebackers Jeron Gouveia-Winslow and Lyndell Gibson as well as a stacked secondary, the Hokies will do just fine against the pass this year. The key will be stopping the run and avoiding a disastrous rush defense like we saw in 2003.

D-line coach Wiles on possible #Hokies impact freshmen: "(DT) Derrick Hopkins (brother of Antoine) is going to bring a lot to the table."less than a minute ago via web


The Hokies need to find a second defensive tackle to line up next to John Graves. It could be the younger Hopkins, who along with Kwamaine Battle would help compensate for the slender Graves when it comes to clogging rushing lanes.