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John Shuman: Virginia Tech's Loss a "Recruiting-Shattering Situation"

John Shuman, the head coach at Fork Union Military Academy and the father of Virginia Tech players Ryan and Mark Shuman, is a regular guest on WINA, a radio station out of Charlottesville. This week he appears on its Best Seat in the House podcast with former UVa quarterback Marques Hagans and the main topic of discussion for the panel was Virginia Tech's loss to JMU.

Shuman had some interesting comments on Virginia Tech's 0-2 start, it's offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring and how the loss could effect recruiting. The highlights after the jump.

  • The racquetball prowess of Stinespring and former Tech OC Rickey Bustle.
  • Shuman wasn't surprised at JMU's performance given Tech's short week to prepare and explains why it could have had a negative impact.
  • He thinks the Hokies still have a lot to play for and will get it turned around.
  • He believes some of Virginia Tech's early commits may be having second thoughts about Tech and expects the coaching staff will be making calls to keep the impact down.
  • He said, "We love Stinespring as a recruiter. Obviously he has to do a better job calling plays."
  • Recruits read message boards and the negativity/positivity of those message board toward the programs impact their decisions. He said he checks the main Tech and UVa message boards every day.
While I take the opinions of the radio personalities from Charlottesville with a grain of salt, I always enjoy listening to Shuman. He has good insight into recruiting in the state of Virginia and his connections to VT run deep because of his sons. He said when his family got back from the JMU game they were devastated. The podcast is worth a listen.