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Playing Paul Johnson's Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Will Wear on You

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Georgia Tech's spread option can take a lot out of defense. It's taxing, both physically and mentally, because they constantly pound the ball on the ground and you have to be in position on every play to avoid giving up a big gain.

How much stress can it put on a defense? Enough that it can effect them in their next game.

Since Paul Johnson took over Georgia Tech in 2008, ACC teams are 6-10 in the game after they've faced the Jackets. Four of those wins were by teams that had more than the usual six days of rest for the next game, either because they played Georgia Tech on a Thursday or because they had the next week off.

Teams that have six days of preparation between playing Johnson's Jackets and their next game are 2-6. The only two winners were Virginia Tech and Florida State in 2008, beating North Carolina and Clemson, respectively. Five consecutive ACC teams have lost their next game on six-days rests after playing Georgia Tech.

In those eight games, defenses gave up an average of 25.5 points per game when playing another game six days after facing the flexbone.

Fortunately for the Hokies, they'll get an extra two days to prepare for their next game after playing the Jackets on a Thursday. However, it's a trend to keep an eye on, starting with North Carolina's road trip to Rutgers this Saturday. A lot has been made about teams that get extra time to prepare for Johnson's offense. It turns out it might be more important to have extra time to rest after facing it.

UPDATE: Carolina March looks at how the Tar Heels have performed after facing GT.