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Gobbler Country's Preliminary Week 5 BlogPoll Ballot

The Top 7 remains the same. Big movers are NC State, which enters the poll at No. 14 and Texas, which drops 14 spots after getting embarrassed at home by UCLA.

The final draft is due Wednesday morning, so you have plenty of time to state your case as to who should move up or down. If you think one team's ranked too high, don't just say, "That team sucks, move them down!" Let me know why they suck and who should be ranked ahead of them.

Games Watched: Miami at Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech at Boston College, Alabama at Arkansas (75%), UCLA at Texas (25%), Oklahoma at Cincinnati, South Carolina at Auburn (50%), Cal at Arizona (25%), Oregon at Arizona State (75%)

  • Oklahoma looked bad at times against Cincinnati, but the Bearcats (especially their defense) looked a lot better than we saw against NC State. The Sooners do get jumped by Wisconsin, whose win over Arizona State looks a lot better after the Sun Devils defense was able to slow down Oregon.
  • Both Nebraska and Arizona stay put after having uninspired performances against South Dakota State and Cal.
  • Miami also jumped a couple of teams after dominating on the road against a BCS team. Pitt may or may not be worth anything, but right now that win looks good for the Canes.
  • Obviously, I dinged Arkansas a lot less for losing to the No. 1 team in the country than I did Texas for losing to an unranked UCLA.
  • Nevada also enters the poll after winning in Provo. BYU is a solid road win.
  • Teams that almost made the poll include, in no particular order: Air Force, Missouri and Florida State.