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2011 Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech's David Wilson and Antone Exum Suspended for 1st Quarter

#Hokies David Wilson, Antone Exum will sit out OB 1st quarter and lose some bowl travel $ after being out hotel rm last night at 1am curfew.less than a minute ago via txt


Wood, Darryl Slater, Mark Giannotto and Kyle Tucker all tweeted this news from practice within minutes of each other early this afternoon via text. Wood won out by seconds, meaning he has the fastest fingers among our beat writers. In my head, I imagine one of the SIDs telling them this news and then the four of them whipping out their various smart phones and sending this to Twitter.

Did I mention I'm weird?

Anyway, Wilson and Exum were both in the Hokies' hotel, but not in their room at curfew, so they'll miss the first quarter. Rashad Carmichael will take Wilson's place on kickoff return, but hopefully this means Carmichael will either be back on just the opening kickoff or not at all. The way our running back rotation usually works, Wilson will miss at most one drive he would have normally participate in.

As for Exum, he is usually in on nickel coverage. My guess is freshman cornerback Kyle Fuller will be in when the Hokies use five defensive backs while Exum sits out the first quarter.

Other punishments for the pair include forfeiting part of their bowl stipend and according to Tucker, not going with the team to the Miami Heat game tonight. Bet they're really ticked about that one. If Beamer really wanted to be cruel, he would make Wilson an Exum go to tomorrow night's Florida Panthers game.

It could have been worse for Wilson and Exum. In 1995, Keith Short missed the team's 2 a.m. curfew for the Sugar Bowl against Texas, was escorted by Frank Beamer to the nearest Greyhound station and put on a bus home.