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Bourbon Shots: 2011 BCS National Championship Game Edition

The good news is the BCS National Championship Game is finally here and it's guaranteed to at least be entertaining even if the final score isn't close. The bad news is this is the final FBS college football game until at least Sept. 1. That's 234 days. You already know who I'm rooting for. As for a pick, I'll take Auburn, 38-30.

Here's some reading material to get you to kickoff:

SB Nation's StoryStream will provide updates throughout the game.

- Addicted to Quack writes it will come down to execution for the Ducks.

- Track 'Em Tigers notes 18 of Auburn's 22 starters were signed by Tommy Tuberville.

- BCS Evolution picks Oregon to win a slower-paced game than what's expected.

- OddsShark lists Auburn as anywhere from a 1-point to 3-point favorite with an Over/Under at 72.5.

- Winfield breaks down the game's most important matchups: The cheerleaders and mascots.

- Even if you haven't watched a single Auburn or Oregon game this year, you'll be able to sound like you did if you read Pre-Snap Read's primer on the game.

- Tony Barnhart has five reasons why Auburn will win.

- In the Bleachers talks to CBS Sports' Bryan Fischer to preview the game.

- Spencer has 43 bold predictions for the game.

Just about everyone's picking Auburn.