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Virginia Tech QB Tyrod Taylor Helps East Dominate East-West Shrine Game

Virginia Tech's Tyrod Taylor was under center for both touchdown drives by the East in its 25-8 win in the 2011 East-West Shrine game.

Taylor played well in his three first-half drives that resulted in two rushing touchdowns and a punt, according to SB Nation's Andy Hutchins:

Other big names had varied results. Virginia Tech's Tyrod Taylor was adequate at quarterback for the East, completing four of five passes for 59 yards, and North Carolina defensive tackle Marvin Austin pounced on a late fumble to score a defensive touchdown for the East.

Thirty-five of those yards came on his last pass attempt of the game on a pass to Texas tight end Greg Smith. He also ran three times for 11 yards. Taylor had a few moments where he didn't look comfortable in the pocket and tried to make plays with his legs, which caused the NFL Network analysts to wonder if his game wasn't better fitted for the Canadian Football League.

While Tyrod's performance in the Shrine Game had varying results, he will have plenty of chances to showcase his skills for NFL scouts before the draft, which starts April 28. He'll have his own pro day and potentially the NFL Scouting Combine Feb. 23-March 1 to prove that he's worthy of a late-round selection.