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2010-11 Virginia Tech Basketball: Previewing Georgia Tech with FTRS

Bird at From the Rumble Seat had me preview the Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech game in 10-word-or-less answers over at their blog. Here are his answers to my questions about the Jackets.

GC: Why have you guys been so good at home and so bad on the road?

FTRS: We think it's 50% mental and 50% coaching. The guys get out of their home court routine and Hewitt doesn't know how to lead his astray sheep back to the flock when things get out of control.

GC: Is Hewitt done after this year?

FTRS: No, if he finishes close to 0.500, Radakovich will ride it out for a few more years ($8.1 million buyout is too rich right now). Georgia Tech fans have already fired Hewitt from their hearts.

GC: Which player has to have a good game for you to win Tuesday?

FTRS: We want three guys to have good games: Iman Shumpert, Brian Oliver, and Glenn Rice, Jr.. If two of the three play well, we have a shot. If all three play well, we can beat everyone in conference except Duke.