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Bourbon Shots: Hokies in the NFL Draft Edition

Plenty of random links from around the blogosphere, including updates on Ryan Williams, Tyrod Taylor and Rashad Carmichael's NFL Draft outlooks.

Virginia Tech Hokies

The Rafters (The Key Play)
Where do you fit in?

How do Hokies break through on offense? Very quietly. (Dr. Saturday)
Hinton reviews the Hokies' crazy season. There's a couple of fact errors, but he does a good job of putting the season in perspective. It's good to see someone from the outside looking in do a breakdown like this.

Most top backfield prospects seen lacking (Boston Herald)
"One high-ranking NFL official called the class "weak," opining that only Alabama’s Heisman winner Mark Ingram will be selected in the first round. Another believes Virginia Tech’s Ryan Williams could be the only other to join him among the top 32 picks."

Hokies cornerback fraternity as strong as ever (NFL)
Rashad Carmichael, the latest Virginia Tech cornerback looking at a big NFL pay day, calls those who came before him his big brothers and hopes to continue the tradition.

Ten players who likely improved their draft stock (NFL Draft Scout)
Rob Rang writes Virginia Tech was the second-best quarterback at the East-West Shrine Game and could surprise his doubters if given the chance.

Ice hockey takes another shot at playoffs (Collegiate Times)
The Hokies are trying to make their first ever ACHA playoff appearance. If the season ended today, they'd be there.

Around the ACC

How to Sue Maryland in Case of Comcast Assault (Duke Basketball Report)
The allegations that Malcolm Delaney's mom was the victim of some unruly Maryland fans has inspired an interesting debate at DBR. Could you successfully sue Maryland over the actions of its fans at a game?

How Do You Want BC's 2011 Football Schedule to Look? (BC Interruption)
Brian and Jeff don't want to play Virginia Tech too early in the season, especially with this year's game coming on the road.

Stephon Tuitt Is A Wishy-Washy Flip Flopper (From The Rumble Seat)
He's also allegedly a mama's boy. Winfield and the insects thought they had stolen a five-star recruit from Notre Dame. Then he de-committed from GT and re-committed to the Irish. That obviously has Winfield a little irked.

Moskowitz and Wertheim's Scorecasting (Carolina March)
It's like Freakonomics for sports! Surely this idea can't fall flat, right? Right!?

Welcome Home Art Kehoe (Eye of the Hurricane)
A link to the Hurricanes' championship past has re-joined the Miami staff. I've always been a big fan of Kehoe and he was one of the more entertaining parts of The U, the 30 for 30 doc on Miami's glory days.

Grading Miami's Coaching Move (Pre Snap Read)
The hiring of Al Golden gets a B+.

Around the Nation

A Modest Proposal: EDSBS for the Abolition of the NLI (EDSBS)
Is the NLI a necessary evil or the only thing between us and even more college football entertainment?

What Would Paying Student-Athletes Look Like? (Bylaw Blog)
A look at what ideas might actually work for paying student athletes. According to Infante, the best examples come from Minor League Baseball and Major League Soccer. To me, the MLS deal would probably be the most-likely scenario of college athletes ever started receiving compensation.

2011 Returning Starters! (Phil Steele)
Steele looks at returning starts for all D1 team. The Hokies 13 starters coming back (not counting 2009 starter Barquell Rivers), which ranks T102nd in the country. Ouch! Team with the most returning starters? Amazingly, it's Vanderbilt. FSU leads all ACC teams with 18 returning starters, T9th nationally.