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Bourbon Shots: Virginia Tech vs. Stanford in the Orange Bowl Edition

A collection of links from around the Series of Tubes on the Hokies' game against the Cardinal.

Virginia Tech Bloggers

Orange Bowl Preview (The Key Play)
Joe picks the Hokies because we have Tyrod Taylor and they don't. However, he says the Hokies will also have to get pressure on Andrew Luck, not get pushed around by Stanford's offensive line and establish the run to get the job done.

Carousel (The A-Line)
Jim opines on coaching changes and bowl tickets.

Live in the Moment (Tech Sideline)
Will Stewart writes we shouldn't take big bowl games and winning seasons for granted. Things can go south at any moment in college football and we should appreciate where we are and what the team has accomplished.

Names to Know: Stanford Edition (VT Fan)
Stanford players not named Andrew Luck that will factor into which team wins Monday.

Virginia Tech Beat Writers

Six more Hokies punished (Kyle Tucker)
Six unnamed players who aren't on the two-deep were sent home on a bus to Blacksburg by Frank Beamer. Between these guys and the two that have already been suspended for the first quarter of Monday's game, it looks like our guys are having a good time while in Miami. I'm choosing to tell myself that just means they'll play loose against Stanford.

Running for mom … and maybe the NFL (Norm Wood)
Something I was unaware of that could factor into Darren Evans decision to go pro: His mom is suffering from renal failure and will have thyroid surgery in January. Good story on Evans and all the things on his mind, including his mom, son, desire to help the Hokies win and desire to get his degree.

Agent issues lurking as Orange Bowl nears (Mark Giannotto)
Virginia Tech players have been getting a lot of calls from unknown numbers as agents of varying validity vie for their services. My question for these scumbag runners is this: How many good clients have you landed by trying to grab a player coming out of the stadium or at a bar. It seems to me legit outfits don't resort to those tactics.

Bud Foster explains his check-with-me package (Darryl Slater)
"Check with me" is a bit of a misnomer, as the players on defense won't be looking to Foster for play calls. Instead, they'll adjust their coverage and blitzes based on the formation and personnel they see from the Cardinal.

Jaws breaks down Tyrod Taylor (David Teel)
ESPN's Ron Jaworski, who will call Monday night's game with Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico, said he was impressed with Tyrod and said he could be effective in the NFL if paired with the right offensive coordinator.

All about the beard for Hokie lineman (Randy King)
"Yeah, my life has basically become all about the beard,'' said (Blake) DeChristopher, slowly stroking the long strands of facial hair with his fingers. "It has become my calling. Everyone knows me because of the beard. Know what? I like to joke that's where all my strength comes from, but I think it is true.'' 

Smoke blown; it stops tonight (Aaron McFarling)
Davon Morgan said he takes it personally when national pundits talk glowingly about Stanford and ignore the Hokies. He said "somebody's coming" for Andrew Luck. While it may sound like Morgan is underestimating the Cardinal, he also has high praise for Luck and McFarling says his comments are more about his confidence in his own team.

Stanford Bloggers

Orange Bowl Preview: Stanford vs. Virginia Tech (Rule Of Tree)
ROT picks Stanford 38, Virginia Tech 24. Scott has faith in Stanford's defensive coordinator, Vic Fangio, to stop Tyrod Taylor given a month to prepare for the game. He also thinks the Cardinal's offensive line will be able to have its way with the Hokies' front seven.

Predicting Stanford-Virginia Tech (The Daily Axe)
TDA thinks the Cardinal will win fairly easily because Stanford is a better team and will be more motivated than the Hokies. They don't think we'll be able to slow the Stanford offense because we haven't shut down a good team all year, which there is some truth to.

Fear of the Unknown (Go Mighty Card)
GMC on the Jim Harbaugh coaching situation facing the Cardinal. He could be another in a long line of successful coaches to use Stanford as a stepping stone to greater things.

Face the Nation

Bowls That Matter: #4 Orange Bowl (BCS Evolution)
BCSE has a decent comparison of the Hokies and Cardinal and picks a much lower-scoring game than most. They have Stanford winning, 28-21.

Access to the "alley" against odd fronts (Smart Football)
Good stuff on how to attack teams that use three down linemen on defense. What a coincidence! That's what Stanford does. Tech also used some of these formations on defense throughout the year, making me wonder if we'll eventually start doing that full time. The 3-4 is harder to do in college because there aren't as many big DTs to go around, but it's probably the future.

Harbaugh Can Punch His Own Ticket (Pre-Snap Read)
Paul Myerberg writes that Jim Harbaugh has been given a pretty big stage to showcase his own coaching talents. Whether he stays on The Farm or takes on another challenge after this game, he can do no wrong.

Around the ACC

ITB's Slate of Eight: Orange Bowl Preview (In the Bleachers)
I join Michael Felder for an Orange Bowl podcast that includes some great intro music. In this case, I'm definitely Tubbs.

Picks at the wire: ACC bowls (D1scourse)
Stevens picks the Cardinal, saying this is the kind of game the Hokies have, in the past, put up a good fight in and eventually lost.

ACC Bowls Breakdown ‘10: Orange (ACC Blogger)
Brandon picks the Cardinal to win by three and says they are out to prove they are a Top 5 team. 

Orange Bowl Preview (ACC Sports Journal)
Rob Daniels picks the Hokies to win by a field goal and says to keep an eye on Danny Coale.

Previewing The Discover Orange Bowl (Blogger So Dear)
Both SBN ACC bloggers whose teams didn't make bowls decided to preview our game. First up is Blogger So Dear, which picks the Hokies. Martin says the Cardinal have their work cut out for them against the Hokies' running backs.

Orange Bowl Preview (Streaking The Lawn)
STL takes the Cardinal (of course) in a high-scoring game.