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Stanford 40, Virginia Tech 12: Why Am I Still Angry?

I thought I'd feel better this morning, but I don't. I'm still fuming over Virginia Tech's performance in last night's Orange Bowl loss to Stanford.

Usually I'm not this way. Usually I've let things go by the next morning. The LSU loss in 2007 was accepted the next morning because the Tigers were really good and it was obvious we weren't as talented as they were. Same with Alabama last season.

Boise State earlier this year? Sure I was devastated after the game, but I was over it the next morning. JMU? Hell, I was over it while watching the replay of the game. But not this one and I can't figure out why.

Virginia Tech go dominated by a better team in a game that really doesn't count for much. There's only one bowl game that really counts and the rest are glorified exhibitions. So why am I so mad over a glorified exhibition?

Probably because of the way we played. Stanford brought its A-game and I felt like we left ours on South Beach. I felt like my Hokie Club dues were used to pay for a nice little Miami vacation for our players despite the "business trip" mantra from the coaching staff.

So why should I be mad at all? Maybe I should just listen to Willy Mac:

I got tired of living my life vicariously through a bunch of over-hyped kids because of the color shirt they wear. [...] You wanna know why they don't catch passes or block people? THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT. Most of them don't. They're getting a free ride in pussyville and they're worshiped like gods. As much as you care, they don't.

So maybe I take this a little too seriously. Maybe I shouldn't let the athletic performance of 20 year-olds have this profound an effect on my mood. I mean, these are kids. Obviously, I'm not as sophisticated as people who care this much about pro teams because the players that effect my mood aren't getting paid and can get into bars without fake IDs.

So maybe I need to just let this go. It was a glorified exhibition played by kids against a team that at the end of the day was much better (and played much better) than we were. 

Did that help you at all? Because for some reason it didn't help me. I'm still angry. I don't want to be, but I am.