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Virginia Tech RBs Ryan Williams and Darren Evans Likely to Decide on Futures This Week

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From Darryl Slater's blog:

(Ryan) Williams said he will make a decision "in the next couple days." He said he will probably hold a press conference with (Darren) Evans on Thursday or Friday. The deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft is Jan. 15.

I think I know where this is heading. If either of them were going to stay, why hold a press conference at all?

If I had to guess right now, I'd guess both Ryan Williams and Darren Evans are heading for the NFL Draft. And both are understandable decisions. Williams was told by the draft advisory committee he would be selected in the first or second round. Evans has a wife, child and a mother who is in bad health.

It's hard to blame either of them if they decide to forgo the rest of their eligibility and move on to the pros. Neither had particularly good years compared to their respective senior year, but neither are making mistakes if they go early in my opinion.

Williams could probably improve his draft stock by coming back, but if he's comfortable going in the second round, then that's his decision. Evans would be putting his family first by going early, which is understandable.