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Virginia Tech 38, Wake Forest 17: Three Out of Four Ain't Bad

The difference between the first quarter and the final three during Saturday's Virginia Tech victory at Wake Forest are incredible. Points: 0-10 in the first and 38-7 after. Yards: 8-138 in the first and 465-182 after. The first quarter looked like Clemson all over again. Like a team that looked uncomfortable and out of sorts. What followed was probably the best three quarters of football the Hokies have played this year.

To its credit, Wake was missing its best running back and played like it, with 94 rushing yards on 27 carries for 3.5 ypc with sacks removed. It's hard to know just what kind of difference Josh Harris could have made for the Deacs, but they missed his 4.5 ypc.

Things looked dire after the first quarter as the Hokies' run blocking looked horrendous and the defense was without its best player in cornerback Jayron Hosley. Yet somehow, the team came together and had the performance we saw. It was insane. David Wilson finished the game averaging eight yards per carry. The defense harassed Tanner Price to the tune of four sacks and an interception deep in Wake territory.

The entire game speaks volumes about a team that gets younger and younger with each mounting injury. Did the inexperience lead to the slow start? It's possible. Does it make how they reacted to that slow start more impressive? Definitely.

Because of the injuries, because of the youth, we can't be certain what kind of team we're going to see from week to week with these Hokies. Hell after that game, we can't be certain what kind of team we're going to see from quarter to quarter.

If anything, the last half of the season will at least be interesting. Now that Georgia Tech is no longer invincible, the Hokies have to be the co-favorites with the Jackets for the Coastal Division crown. The winner of the Thursday night game in Atlanta will probably head to the ACCCG, just like the winner of that game always does.

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